1. Preparation of Annual Budget of the State Government and processing of Annual Budget of Parastatals Organizations.
  2. Advisory services on Local Government Budget.
  3. Preparation of supplementary estimates.
  4. Commissioning and commenting on feasibility studies, plans and programmes of Ministries, Offices and Bureau.
  5. Responsibilities for matters relating to the following Boards and Committees

(i.)     State Consultancy Board;

(ii.)    Plans, Programmes and Budget Advisory Board;

(iii.)   Public Accounts Committee;

(iv.)   Monitoring compliance with the requirement of:

(a.)    Submission of Annual Accounts by Public Agencies;

(b.)    Audit of Public Accounts; and

(c.)   Annual Budget.


6.  Budgetary Controls.

7.  Budgetary Instructions.

8. Arranging and following up Governor’s coordinating meetings with Ministries, Office,

Bureaux and Parastatals on project implementation.

9.  Liaison with Ministry of Finance on budgetary and financial matters.

10.  Offering advice to Government on implementation of project and programmes.

  1.   Policy matters on Tenders procedure.
  2.   Production of statistical data on the activities of the State Government.
  3.   Liaison with the Federal Office of Statistics and other statistical agencies.
  4.   Pre-payment inspection.
  5.   Technical assistance and coordination on aid matters.
  6.   Monitoring and control of Economic Planning Matters including:

(a.) Economic Planning;

(b.) Economic Planning Intelligence;

(c.)   Preparation and revision of Development Plans;

(d.) Periodic reports on Development Plan Implementation;

(e.) Monitoring of Development Plan;

(f.)   Manpower Development Planning.

  1.  Preparation of the Annual Recurrent Budget of the State Government and processing of the Annual Budget of Parastatal Organisations.
  1.  Analysis of all the financial papers including audited accounts of the State’s statutory        corporations, Parastatals and Companies.
  1.   Periodical reviews of the financial status of Corporations.
  2.   Economic Development Matters.
  3.   Identifying additional Taxable Public and informing the Board of Internal Revenue.
  1.   Ascertaining the actual income and bringing all Taxable Persons into the Tax Net.
  1.  Preparation of Statistical Data on the Population expected to pay Levies and Taxes.
  1.  Ascertaining that levies or Tax Assessments are raised at the appropriate time.
  1.  Formulation of Policies and Programmes for the Board of Internal Revenue  on Surtax, Estate Duty, Capital Gains Tax, Purchase Tax, Betting Duties, Motor Vehicle Registration Renewal Levies.
  1.  Provision of Advice and Counsel to all Revenue Generating Agencies and helping them to understand, interpret and apply established policies and procedure.
  1.  Advising the State from time to time on General Financial and Monetary matters both locally and internationally.
  1.  Proposing to Government/ Revenue objectives rendered through research including the analysis of income/Revenue Survey.
  1.  Developing the Plans and programmes needed to achieve the designed objectives by all Revenue Collecting Agencies.
  1.  Joint coordination with Commissioner for Finance.
  2.  Assessments study on Tariff and Trade Policy.
  3.  Research, Planning, Project Analysis and Evaluation.
  4.  Analysis and Evaluation of Government Projects.
  5.  Research and Planning of State Industrial Master Plan.


  • Administration & human resources
  • Budget
  • Accounts
  • Economic planning
  • Development partnership
  • Lagos bureau of statistics
  • Monitoring & evaluation




  • Public affairs unit
  • Audit
  • Ict/ resource centre
  • Procurement
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